GCA offers a wide range of services to cover all of our clients’ needs, from establishing the first idea, through the development of Design and Construction to the completion of the work and assistance of the initial users, all including the management of the required permits.


Our conception of an architectural project nourishes from our long experience and is based on criteria of design, functionality, adaptation to the environment and sustainability. The interventions of rehabilitation and change of use in buildings respect the original character of the building, while adapting it to the new technologies and uses.

Interior Design

Interior design is one of the essential areas in which GCA is professionally active. The union of architecture and interior design allows us to address the complete project and achieve its integral design.
​GCA provides a distinctive image, interiors in which the client feels identified and confortable.

Project management

GCA has a department that concentrates the efforts of the different consultants engaged in the project so that it is cost effective, achieves the deadlines and guarantees the appointed standards of quality; thus, matching the Client's objectives and requirements.

Design of furniture

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment exclusive design and specific development of furniture for projects.

Site & Post site supervision

​GCA has a department formed by professionals in staff, who include all the areas in the execution of the work.

. Executive site supervision

. Health & Safety: Study and coordination

. Quality control

. Economic management of the work (Project Management)

Contract & Construction

Codecsa, S.A.

Construction Company of the group. With over 30 years of experience, builds some of the projects designed by GCA, contributing in this collaboration with an extensive experience in the development of the works.